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Especially for JC students without time for WEEKLY tuition classes - WOULD YOU LIKE TO regain your confidence for Econs THIS COMING JUNE HOLIDAYS IN just 5 days?
Where the impossible becomes possible in 5 days
Rebuild Confidence 
You will be experiencing frequent timed practices in the 5 days programme to build your exam confidence.
Highly Impactful
At the end of the 5 days programme, you will be able to catch up with all your backlog over the past 6 months easily.
Unlimited Support
We don't believe in charging by the hour. You will be granted unlimited consultations with our lead economics coach, Mr Jeffrey Teo.  
About Your economics coach
Mr Jeffrey Teo
Mr Jeffrey Teo has been lecturing A-Levels Economics for the past 10 years. He started off as a senior corporate banker in two foreign banks before starting Ace Your Econs (AYE). In his former career, his interactions with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has provided him with great insights of how Macroeconomics and Macro Policies are conducted in Singapore. He has coached several hundreds of A-level students till date, with more than 90% of them experiencing a significant boost in answering confidence within the first 3 months. He is also a renowned top-selling author of a CSQ Guidebook - Mastering CSQ Answering Techniques. AYE and himself has been featured in several media platforms:

ABOUT The accelerated learning progrmme -
only 5 days to transfrom your econs confidence

Day 1 - Micro Mastery (9am to 6pm) 
(Applicable for all levels)

In Day 1, we will be building foundations for your microeconomics ranging from Demand and Supply Analysis to Market Failure.

Day 2 - Macro Mastery (9am to 6pm)
 (Applicable for J2s only)

In Day 2, we will be building foundations for your macroeconomics ranging from AD/AS analysis to various Macroeconomic Policies

Day 3 - CSQ Practice Mastery (9am to 6pm) 
(Applicable for all levels)

In Day 3, we will be having intensive hands-on session on a mixture of micro & macroeconomics based CSQs.

Day 4 (Morning) - H2 Content (9am to 12pm, applicable for JC2 H2 only)
Day 4 (Afternoon) - CSQ Practice Mastery (1pm to 6pm, applicable for all levels)

In the earlier half of Day 4, we will be reviewing specific Year 2 H2 concepts like international trade. After lunch, we will be resuming intensive hands-on session on a mixture of micro & macroeconomics based CSQs.

Day 5 - H2 Content + H2 Essay Practice Mastery (9am to 6pm) 
(Applicable for H2s only)

In Day 5, we will be reviewing specific H2 concepts like Market Structure. Candidates will also expect to have intensive hands-on session various essays related to these concepts.

The times above for the Accelerated Learning Programme are approximate times only. Mr Jeffrey is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.
Pricing Categories
What's more When You Attend?
1.  Bonus app access to our exclusive Learning Management System (U.P: $699) with instant access to practice question folders, in-depth video analysis and model answers!
2. Learn from the author of a bestseller guidebook: Mastering CSQ Answering Techniques, which introduces a concise framework and specific techniques to best tackle exam questions.
3. Realise your potential under the 4 Step ACE system: a tested & proven system specifically designed to tackle and structure essays and CSQs! This system is steered towards helping candidates in their application skills and higher order thinking.
4. Enjoy unlimited consultations and a lifetime support system even after the event (We don't believe in charging by the hour).
5. 96% of AYE’s candidates experienced a significant boost in exam answering confidence within these 5 days.
Accelerated learning programme Event Venue
LTC Building Block D, #05-01, 16 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409961
 17th June (Monday) to 21st June 2019 (Friday), June Holidays

What others have said about us
Finally Got An 'A' In A-Level

 ‘C’ for prelims and 'E' for the exam prior to that, but managed to achieve ‘A’ in A-Level 

► To me, the A-Level questions actually felt easy and I had the confidence that I was answering them well

Dana, TJC,
H2 Econs, 
Currently pursuing double degree in Accountancy and Business under NTU Nanyang Scholarship
Immediately See The Results

► Improvement came within one or two weeks of the first lesson

► Before joining, I was hovering a ‘C’ to ‘D’. From the first lesson onwards, I managed to get a ‘B’ and finally in the A levels I got an ‘A’

Kenneth Woo, RI,
H2 Econs, 8 Distinctions,
Current pursuing Medicine in NTU
Valuable Notes And Insights

► Previously didn’t know what points to emphasise on during exams, but Mr Teo's notes were very concise and the practices he gave us also guided us on what the examiners look out for

► Grades improved quite a bit from ‘U’ in the MCTs to ‘A’ during A levels!

Tay Ming Yi, TJC,
H2 Econs,
Currently pursuing Physiotherapy in SIT
However, in full view of transparency, we have a very strict admission criteria for the Accelerated Learning Programme. We are not able to help if you fall under any of these three categories:
Applicants who cannot take extra practices  
Our programme strongly emphasizes on extra practices. However, if you clearly know that you lack practice and application and yet still cannot squeeze time out to practice more to improve your own grades, we can't help you.
Applicants who are not committed for an 'A' grade
We are 100% committed to push all with all of you. It doesn't matter if you did badly for in school but your desire to succeed for your promos and A-levels must be extremely strong. However, if you just want looking to scrape through, don't apply. 
Applicants who cannot explain their learning difficulties to us
To help you better, we need your help to submit your application form below and explain your learning difficulties. If you can't explain to us your learning challenges and difficulties, we can't help you.
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